On-Time Pool Service Video Library.

Please see below for simple videos created for you covering various prominent topics.  Eamples of what you can expect from your “On Time Pool Service” appointment and “How to pick the correct pool service for you”.

Setting Your Pool Timer

This is a simple step by step tutorial on how to Set / Reset your pool timer. This is a common question especially after a power outage.

Variable Speed Pumps

Variable speed pumps are the greatest advancement in the pool industry.  They can save you over a dollar a day in electricity and run super quietly.  Here is why and how….

New Home Pool Inspection

Whenever you buy a home you have it inspected prior to purchase.  When the home has a pool you should have it individually inspected as well.  Here’s how we do it….

Drain Clean & Refill

When a pool has sat so long that it starts to resemble a pond, a DCR is required. We completely drain all the water, clean the pool surface with acid and/or power washing and refill it with fresh water. The results can be dramatic….

We are here to serve On Time, Every Time!