7 Unusual and Fun Facts About Swimming Pools

On-Time Pool Service 7 Unusual things about Swimming Pools

At On-Time Pool Service, we’re not just about keeping your pool clean and well-maintained; We’re also passionate about everything pool-related!

That’s why we’ve decided to dive into some of the most fascinating aspects of swimming pools. From their rich history to some truly mind-boggling records, pools are more than just a place to cool off during the summer—they’re a source of endless intrigue and wonder. So, whether you’re a swimming enthusiast or just looking for some fun facts to share with friends, join us as we explore some of the most unusual and entertaining tidbits about swimming pools. And remember, if these facts inspire you to give your own pool a little TLC, On-Time Pool Service is here to help. Check us out at ontimepoolservice.com for more information.

  1. The World’s Largest Swimming Pool

The biggest swimming pool in the world is 20 acres large

Yep, 20 acres. That’s about the size of 16 football fields. The largest pool in the world is in Algarroba, Chile and cost close to $2 billion to build back in 2006. Holding an enormous 66 million gallons of water, stretching 1,013 metres long and going as deep as 35 metres in some sections (that’s approximately 12 stories), the pool is a part of the San Alfonso del Mar resort and has a whole range of interesting features to it – including a pool within the pool, and a saltwater pool beside it housed in an indoor glass pyramid. As you can likely imagine, the pool is too large to swim across and requires travel by canoe, kayak or paddleboat if you want to get to the other side.

At On-Time Pool Service, we might not be maintaining pools as vast as the one in Algarroba, Chile, but we bring the same level of dedication and expertise to your backyard. Whether your pool is large or small, we ensure it’s always ready for your canoe, kayak, or leisurely swim.

  1. The Oldest Swimming Pool in the World

The oldest swimming pool in the world dates back to the Third Millennium BC

Oldest Pool - On-Time Pool Service

Now an archeological site, the oldest swimming pool in the world known as the Great Bath can be found in Mohenjo-daro, Pakistan. It was believed that the Great Bath was used for ritual bathing ceremonies and religious purposes like purification. The surprisingly sophisticated structure of the pool, as well as the presence of washrooms in residential structures nearby, tells historians and scholars that hygiene and cleanliness was likely important to Mohenjo-daro residents at the time.

While we’re not working on archaeological sites, On-Time Pool Service specializes in keeping the modern iterations of these ancient luxuries in top condition, ensuring your pool is clean, safe, and ready for your own purification rituals—or just a fun weekend splash.

  1. The Most Popular Pool Accessory

 The most popular accessory or add-on to a pool is (still) a diving board

Let us advise you - Diving and Safety 

A significant 38% of pools have diving boards, which make them the most popular add-on for swimming pools. However, a few decades ago this number might have been closer to 80%. So what changed? Pool safety laws and regulations have tightened up tremendously over recent years, meaning that a lot of manufacturers have phased out diving boards to avoid accidents and ensuing lawsuits. There’s also the issue of diving boards not even being an option in the first place – your pool needs to be a certain size in order for it to be eligible for a diving board installation, and cannot be an above-ground model. Lastly, there’s also the issue of homeowners insurance, which often goes up in response to the addition of a diving board to a swimming pool.

Diving into pool safety and fun, On-Time Pool Service can help you navigate the latest regulations and options to enhance your pool’s appeal safely. Let us advise you on adding accessories that fit your pool’s design and your family’s lifestyle.

  1. A Titanic Feature

One of the first ocean liners to have a swimming pool was The Titanic

Titantic pool - On-Time Pool Service

Yes, the Titanic was a landmark in a number of ways, and that seems to include being one of the first ships of its type to have a pool. The actual first was the RMS Olympic, which was widely considered to be a “sister” to the Titanic and set sail the year beforehand. The pools on both the RMS Olympic and the Titanic were heated and only available for use by first-class passengers, and were open at different times for men and different times for women. Known more specifically as the Swimming Bath on the Titanic, it was part of the Turkish bath complex on the ship and passengers had to buy a ticket to be admitted entry. If you’re a history buff, you might know it as the last room on the bow of the ship to flood as it went down!

Inspired by the luxury of the Titanic’s amenities, On-Time Pool Service strives to provide first-class service to all our clients. We may not have heated pools on ocean liners, but we ensure your pool is a luxurious escape in your backyard.

  1. Olympic-Level Precision

The Olympics get pretty serious when it comes to their swimming pools

London aquatics center. swimming-pool

Swimming was brought on as one of the original 9 official sports at the first modern Olympic Games – London in 1896, and ever since then Australia has enjoyed most of its Olympic medals in that category, with a total of 208 won – among those include 9 from Ian Thorpe and another 9 from Leisel Jones. Originally the swimming competitions were held in the Mediterranean Sea, but this all changed at the London Games in 1908 where the first Olympic swimming pool was built. Today, Olympic-sized pools can hold an enormous 850,000 gallons of water, which equals roughly 3.8 million litres. While they are always 50 metres long, when it comes to width they can vary, going up to 25 metres.

Just as Olympic pools require precision and care, your residential pool deserves no less attention to detail. On-Time Pool Service offers the expertise to maintain your pool to Olympic standards, ensuring crystal clear water and optimal performance.

  1. Ancient Egyptian Swimming Traditions

The Ancient Egyptians loved to swim

The Ancient Egyptian swimming pool

It’s true – it seems like swimming for leisure has been enjoyed by cultures from all over the world for millennia. Ancient wall drawings in Egypt dating back to 2500 BC depict people swimming, specifically using an over-arm stroke comparable to the front crawl. Swimming was something the noble folk enjoyed, with swimming lessons for young royal children being encouraged. While some suggest the common folk would practice swimming in the River Nile (though it’s contentious, as the Nile was infested with dangerous animals), royals and noblemen enjoyed swimming in private swimming pools in their palaces.

Embracing the noble tradition of swimming, On-Time Pool Service offers royal treatment for your pool. From maintenance to lessons on the latest swimming techniques, we keep your pool worthy of a pharaoh.

  1. The World’s Most Unusual Pool

The weirdest pool in the world goes to…

A beachfront hotel in Koh Samui, Thailand

Calm, blue ocean waves are commonly simulated in cerulean swimming pools, so this pool is particularly shocking when you lay eyes on it. A beachfront hotel in Koh Samui, Thailand uniquely named The Library has a similarly unique pool, with waters of a confronting blood-red colour. Interestingly, the red colour doesn’t come from the water itself, but rather from the intricate red mosaic tiling used when building the pool. P.S. If you’re a bookworm, you might enjoy the fact that the resort lives up to its name, showcasing a 1,400-book library.

So, there’s our range of factoids and interesting stories about pools for you to pull out next time the topic comes up in conversation. Whether it’s history, geography, sports or just oddities, there’s a whole realm of interesting stats and information when it comes to swimming pools.

While we marvel at the creativity behind the world’s most unusual pool, On-Time Pool Service celebrates the uniqueness of each pool we service.

Whether you dream of making a splash in a pool of unusual color or prefer the classic blue, we’re here to bring your vision to life. On-Time Pool Service!


Pools are a fascinating blend of history, technology, sport, and leisure. At On-Time Pool Service, we’re passionate about sharing our love for pools and offering top-notch services to enhance your swimming experience. From routine maintenance to full-scale repairs and even consulting on new installations, we bring expertise and enthusiasm to every project. If these facts have inspired you to invest in your pool or if you’re curious about adding a unique feature to your backyard oasis, reach out to us at ontimepoolservice.com. Let’s make pool history together!