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On-Time Pool Service

Weekly Pool Service

“Our main goal is to ensure that your swimming pool is clean, clear, balanced, and healthy every day of the year. We are a state-licensed pool contractor serving Sarasota County, with extensive experience and a team of professionals dedicated to providing the highest quality pool services.

We are fully covered by liability insurance and only employ people we would entrust in our own backyards, with every employee thoroughly screened and background checked.”

Here’s what you can expect from Our Weekly Pool Service:

Analyze and balance the water chemistry

Inspect and maintain all pool equipment

Clean pool surfaces of all debris

Monitor water level



Keep tiles scrubbed and clean

Empty skimmer and pump baskets

Adjust and maintain timer clocks

Keep your pool algae free

Leave a personalized note of the pool’s condition

Conduct all other actions needed to provide you with healthy water

In addition to these weekly services, we also conduct any other actions necessary to provide you with healthy water and an enjoyable pool experience.

At On-Time Pool Service, we believe that communication is key, and we are always available to answer your questions and address any concerns you may have. We offer a free pool consultation, so call us today at (941) 224-0404 to schedule your appointment.  We look forward to serving you!

Green to Clean Service

Green to Clean Service

We understand the importance of maintaining a clean and clear pool for your enjoyment. We specialize in “Green to Clean” pool cleaning services.

We begin our cleaning process by thoroughly diagnosing the condition of your pool to determine the most efficient cleaning method. Our team of experts will then recommend the best course of action to bring your pool back to its sparkling glory.

Once we have completed the cleaning process, any equipment issues will be repaired, and your pool will be ready for your enjoyment. In some cases, if the pool has excessive algae growth or needs structural or more significant repairs, chemical treatments alone may not be sufficient. In such situations, we may refer you to another provider equipped to handle your case.

We pride ourselves on using the most advanced cleaning methods and equipment to ensure your pool is spotless and safe for swimming. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our team of pool-cleaning experts and let us help you get the most out of your pool!

Get On-Time Pool Service

Discover what so many home and property owners already know. If you want clean and crystal clear pool water or expert pool equipment upgrades, choose a reliable licensed pool contractor like

On-Time Pool Service.


On-Time ? Every Time

On Time Pool is a step above the other companies we’ve worked with in Sarasota. Why? First and most importantly, they’re responsive. They respond quickly to phone calls or emails. Second? Their communication skills are right on target. If you call or email, you’re going to hear back in a timely, friendly manner. Third: The staff seems to be unified in its approach to customer service. Friendly. Quick to respond. Able to patiently explain pool mechanics to folks who know nothing about pools.

Nicole. Andy. Jason. Justin. These are just four of the great people at On Time we work with—each is a star.

Grateful to have them looking after our pool.

Su Bird

I use on time pool services for both of my houses in Sarasota! Cld not be happier! If they don’t have a particular type of expert in house they always find the best to help! Def highly recommend!

Slava B

Always the best service and communication!

Tina Darling

Get Licensed Pool Cleaning & Repair Service, On-Time


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